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 Interview with Doom Lover!

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Interview with Doom Lover! Empty
PostSubject: Interview with Doom Lover!   Interview with Doom Lover! Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2012 3:05 am

1) background? How did you guys meet? When?

We met as children in our home country of Iceland. That is where our music began and we gained a small following until we were forced to leave the country in connection with a protest during the economic meltdown.

2) what is your name about?

We chose the name of Doom Lover after my grandfather's favorite sled dog who would refuse to eat anything other than live rabbits.

3) what inspired you guys to join into music?

I would say that our drive for music stems from our love of our Nordic and Garlic traditions, as well as our mutual followship of Ronnie James Dio.

4) what tips would you give for a group of guys wanting to join a band?

If there were two things I would tell people it would be: live with vengeance and always taste blood.

5) where is your favorite place to play?

Our favorite place to play would be anywhere back in our home country of Iceland, but we are also fans of O'briens in Allston.

Wow that is a great story thank you guys for sharing. If anybody has anymore questions please post them on the forum and they would be more then happy to answer them! Smile
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Interview with Doom Lover!
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